That was a fantastic evening out, went to the beach around 7ish, met people around 7.30ish (Matt, Sarah and Charly), watched the world go by whilst waiting for Chris, then had a fantastic picnic courtesy of Sarah - that was really nice... Back to Matt and Sarah's when it started to get "a bit chilly" on the beach, then poker! What more could you want from an evening out? Was absolutely fantastic - many thanks to Matt and Sarah who both went to bed before the Poker had finished (incidently, I won, so... err... Matt, you owe me a tenner ;)

Now there's talk of setting up a semi-regular poker night - should be fantastic fun :)


(now I think it's time to collapse in a heap, maybe after a cool shower though - it's just too damned hot!)

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Bouncy balls

There's a new Bravia advert coming - watch the web!

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Things that annoy the hell out of me 1000403

I wish when people made critisism they made it constructive rather than destructive.

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Oh no you're not!

Carlos says he's on Debian Planet I think he means Planet Debian. It appear that this is a common mistake, though - maybe people don't know about Debian Planet?

In other news - today is Towel Day... I'm not sure I'm brave enough to carry a towel around all day though.

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I got the MoinMoin parser running in django, and now have a mostly working wiki implementation using the MoinMoin parser (yay!), I ended up using the text_xml rather than text_html formatter for MoinMoin, this turned out to be a good idea, and meant that I didn't have to worry about them thar themes that get called otherwise. It still needs a few mins more work to actually make it a usable wiki, but the proof of concept worked.

Next on the list: writting a nice blog engine and moving my blog over to it rather than using pyblosxom... actually, I can do this one very trivially for a straight port of the current blog :)

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After much messing about - I've worked out how to use the MoinMoin parser in other python programs... this means that later (after I've slept) I can write a django template tag to unwiki things nicely, using MoinMoin's parser and so not invent another wiki parsing engine (hoorah!). All that I need to do now is reimplement the text_html formatter from MoinMoin in to something slightly more useable in other apps, then we'll be there. Yay! And indeed, hoopla!

I could, of course, use the text_xml formatter instead and then just do an xslt transformation on it in python... actually, that might not be such a bad idea... hmmm. I'll have to think about it :)

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python-django-svn-trunk packages

I've just created the post-magic-removal python-django-svn-trunk packages they're available from my repository for i386 and amd64 at the following deb URL:

deb {sarge,sid} django

The documentation etc is now also copied in to /usr/share/doc/python-django-svn-trunk as it should be.

I'll try to keep these upto date, but it's been rather busy recently, so they might lag a little bit.

I've not yet tested these, so if you have luck with them, it'd be nice to know, they should just work.

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So, that was Saturday then... I managed to get nothing at all done, but I did manage to watch some snooker, Taxi, Taxi 2 and Taxi 3... So maybe it wasn't wasted?

Apparently it's St Georges' day tomorrow... Hmm... I think that means that I shall find a pub sometime after lunchish and have a few celebratory pints for the old, somewhat dead, bloke!

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Just tagged up the latest version of bpgallery which is my rather light bash script for generating static gallerys, this version fixes a couple of (minor) bugs, removes some duplication of code (to make it easier for me to maintain, and because I'm going to need to extend that part of the code for the next release), and fixes an outstanding part of the todo list (i.e. regenerate thumbnails if the required width changes). It's also added a per gallery config file option, so now putting in a file called .bpgallery.rc with the right variables in it (WIDTH, TITLE, BPGALLERY_THEME), will use that file as the last one to get settings from, overriding previous settings (well, unless they're set readonly, in which case it won't ;).

Next release should have some extra themes in the release as a demonstration, medium sized images (and the pages to go with them, and an extension to the themeing for this), next and previous 'buttons' on the autogenerated pages, and should generally just be a nice release!

Sometime I'll get round to finishing off writing the documentation for it, but until then, if you're using it and get a problem, mail me (or find me on IRC!).

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Some people don't like opinions. Especially ones that might actually finally get us somewhere near a standards compliant web. Oh well, never mind, their loss. (Oh, and I really do not advocate the use of line breaking, either you're in a paragraph, or you're not - why do you need a manual line break? Is it because you can't write?).

But whatever. Thanks huggie for your frank opinion and whining about me.

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Just finished reading...

I've just finished reading Excession - started slowly, got good in the middle, then sort of dropped off a bit at the end, which was a shame. Enjoyed it though :)

Next to read is A Song of Stone

Then there's a list of other books that I'll be working through... one step at a time, eh? ;)

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Well, that was odd...

I had gone outside the flat to let the handbrake off for sunflowerinrain and on the way back to the flat I decided to stop for a cigarette - I mean, this is literally just across the road from where sunflowerinrain parked (just opposite the flat), I was standing there for, oh, about 30 seconds when a police car pulled up right next to me. The guy got out of the car and said "We're looking for someone matching your description, what are you doing out here? Just out for a smoke?", so obviously I replied with "Yes". He then proceeded to take all my details, and check my ID and phone in to check that I wasn't known/wanted. Apparently I'm not the scruffy person they are looking for!

I'm still boggling. Today has been weird.

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And things work!

Well, the shiny new toy (toshiba portégé R200) is now working nicely - I've got toshset working (thanks to some pointers from Noodles and in particular his blog posting about the R200. Turned out that the ACPI patch still needs applying, even to 2.6.16rc2, but after doing that I can now turn on and off the bluetooth, and mess with the lcd brightness and all those type fun things. Whee!

I suspect that I should get the Fn keys to work sometime too - ohh, at least one of them already works! The one that switches to an external display. Hmm. Would be nice if the brightness one worked, but it's not exactly hard to use toshset for it ;) Hmm, impressively, it's still quite readable with the brightness turned down to 1 of 7 :)

bounce - loving the new toy - the only issue that I've had so far, really, is that is over to the right of the spacebar - otherwise things are more or less where I'd expect them to be, and now that I've got Synaptics configured, I have my scrolly touchpad of doom and the world is a good place.

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And now...

The end is nigh! Well, it's been debootstrapped to sarge, it's been upgraded to sid, it's had the atheros driver installed, and I'm sitting typing this blog entry on it's keyboard from a shiny clean debian install! Now copying across the essentials, having already synced my mail to it...

Also installed all the laptop-foo in the world on it :) (Can't work out how to dim the screen, yet, but I'll work on that when I care about it I suspect). I suppose I should get suspend working too... hmm. Does appear to have a mostly non-broken ACPI setup though (yay!), and the screen is bright and clear.... and it's light, which is nice ;)

Oh, and it's shiny ;)

Did I mention that it's shiny? Well, it is :)

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I'm writing this from my shiny new Portégé laptop - it's currently just PXE booted with an NFS root from my other machine - but that will all soon change - now to backup the windows partition to something and then nuke it all and get debian on here properly! Wheeeeee!

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Wooo! Shiny New Toy!

Well, the Portégé R200 arrived today - and it's shiny (and light, and mostly pretty...) - so the next thing to do is remove the aboloshment that is windows xp from the thing and get me debian unstable installed on it - so, netbooting fun to come up! (or maybe boot from SD, hmm, that's possible ;)


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Bah - Humbug.

I've got the feeling that the world is against me buying the shiny new laptop - first company I placed the order with decided that I didn't exist at my address, and so that order got cancelled - second company haven't got it in stock (bah - online shopping, it sucks!). Maybe third time lucky?

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Oooops, I slipped...

the button was there, it was calling my name, I'd added a Toshiba Portégé R200 to the shopping basket, filled in 2 addresses, filled in my credit card details, and was hovering over the button... obviously I didn't really have any intention of buying it... noo... it was an accident I swear ;)

(right - so that might limit going out expenses then, and convince me that I can't afford to smoke, always the easiest way to quit - shiny new toy, no money... works ;)


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Here goes a quick summary of this week... Monday + Tuesday, looking through lots of bash and perl, trying to find a nice way to fix it, still not found. Lots of other things needing doing, mostly a busy start to the week. Wednesday - good start to the day, stuff started to make sense. Then I get The News at about 11:00 (I hadn't been keeping up with LJ, and when I was looking at it, it turned out I wasn't logged in, so when I got the news I nipped over to LJ and logged in and felt sad, lots). Lost half the rest of the day thinking about it. Managed to get to a state where I was alright again, stopped reading LJ for the afternoon. Came home. Slept. Today - mostly productive, still not over the shock.

Maybe I can get some coherent words and thoughts tomorrow?

Must get back in to doing my NM - sorry Myon, I've been distracted for too long! I'll get back at it, erm, soon!

Tomorrow, well, it's Friday - a whole weekend to come and think about things.

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Right - so things that have come up this week... I appear to not understand the world - or it doesn't understand me - I'm not sure which but either way it doesn't really matter, the world doesn't really exist (just how can you get something from nothing?). Apparently, according to people, I have a version of other people stored in my head that is not what those people really are - and my version of people apparently differs from other peoples version of the same people - I don't understand this - I base everything on what people say - I try not to extrapolate other information, and I'm quite used to being entirely ignored. I tend to see patterns, and believe in the patterns more than what's actually said, though - maybe that's where I go wrong?

Anyways - this weekend - work permitting - I might finally get round to answering the e-mails that have been sitting in my INBOX for an age that I've been meaning to get round to for, well, months - especially NM questions - they really need answering, and I should get to that - so tomorrow morning, that's the goal - assuming that nothing break horribly between now and then!

Today I've mostly been looking at some nasty SQL, it did however finally make total sense to me, and I think that it should now (mostly) work. There's some extra ideas that might be worth looking at, but nothing too taxing.

Quite tired at the moment - which is strange as it's still before 10pm. That's not usual for me. Maybe I need to take up caffeine again, I actually really miss the taste of good coffee - which I wasn't expecting... but I refuse to drink decaff coffee on the basis that it's not what coffee should be - it's kinda like diet, caffeine free coke. Pointless, tasteless, boring.

Anything else? Hmmm. Not at the moment - but I can tell this is going to be a strange month.

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