I work on the odd bit of code in my spare time, the projects that I am currently working on are:

  • xmms-scrobbler - I used to maintain the Debian package for xmms-scrobbler. Since xmms was removed from Debian, the plugin is no longer maintained, and I tend to use mpd for my music playing needs.

  • RPM Based Distribution Chroot - a simple script to build a chroot from a .rpm based distribution

  • Ion3 Scripts - My scripts for use with Ion3

  • - A small script to generate static HTML pages from a set of images, very simple to use.

  • onak - My development on the onak OpenPGP server

  • bjp.irc - A relatively small epic4 script that I used to use daily. No longer in development as I now use irssi for IRC.

Any that are still maintained, or that I might pick up again are in my git repository at