And things work!

Well, the shiny new toy (toshiba portégé R200) is now working nicely - I've got toshset working (thanks to some pointers from Noodles and in particular his blog posting about the R200. Turned out that the ACPI patch still needs applying, even to 2.6.16rc2, but after doing that I can now turn on and off the bluetooth, and mess with the lcd brightness and all those type fun things. Whee!

I suspect that I should get the Fn keys to work sometime too - ohh, at least one of them already works! The one that switches to an external display. Hmm. Would be nice if the brightness one worked, but it's not exactly hard to use toshset for it ;) Hmm, impressively, it's still quite readable with the brightness turned down to 1 of 7 :)

bounce - loving the new toy - the only issue that I've had so far, really, is that is over to the right of the spacebar - otherwise things are more or less where I'd expect them to be, and now that I've got Synaptics configured, I have my scrolly touchpad of doom and the world is a good place.

Posted: 2006-03-09 08:10 in Tech | permalink