SommitRealWeird v1.0.2 released

Just tagged up the latest version of bpgallery which is my rather light bash script for generating static gallerys, this version fixes a couple of (minor) bugs, removes some duplication of code (to make it easier for me to maintain, and because I'm going to need to extend that part of the code for the next release), and fixes an outstanding part of the todo list (i.e. regenerate thumbnails if the required width changes). It's also added a per gallery config file option, so now putting in a file called .bpgallery.rc with the right variables in it (WIDTH, TITLE, BPGALLERY_THEME), will use that file as the last one to get settings from, overriding previous settings (well, unless they're set readonly, in which case it won't ;).

Next release should have some extra themes in the release as a demonstration, medium sized images (and the pages to go with them, and an extension to the themeing for this), next and previous 'buttons' on the autogenerated pages, and should generally just be a nice release!

Sometime I'll get round to finishing off writing the documentation for it, but until then, if you're using it and get a problem, mail me (or find me on IRC!).

Posted: 2006-04-16 14:00 in Tech | permalink