Right - so things that have come up this week... I appear to not understand the world - or it doesn't understand me - I'm not sure which but either way it doesn't really matter, the world doesn't really exist (just how can you get something from nothing?). Apparently, according to people, I have a version of other people stored in my head that is not what those people really are - and my version of people apparently differs from other peoples version of the same people - I don't understand this - I base everything on what people say - I try not to extrapolate other information, and I'm quite used to being entirely ignored. I tend to see patterns, and believe in the patterns more than what's actually said, though - maybe that's where I go wrong?

Anyways - this weekend - work permitting - I might finally get round to answering the e-mails that have been sitting in my INBOX for an age that I've been meaning to get round to for, well, months - especially NM questions - they really need answering, and I should get to that - so tomorrow morning, that's the goal - assuming that nothing break horribly between now and then!

Today I've mostly been looking at some nasty SQL, it did however finally make total sense to me, and I think that it should now (mostly) work. There's some extra ideas that might be worth looking at, but nothing too taxing.

Quite tired at the moment - which is strange as it's still before 10pm. That's not usual for me. Maybe I need to take up caffeine again, I actually really miss the taste of good coffee - which I wasn't expecting... but I refuse to drink decaff coffee on the basis that it's not what coffee should be - it's kinda like diet, caffeine free coke. Pointless, tasteless, boring.

Anything else? Hmmm. Not at the moment - but I can tell this is going to be a strange month.

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