Here goes a quick summary of this week... Monday + Tuesday, looking through lots of bash and perl, trying to find a nice way to fix it, still not found. Lots of other things needing doing, mostly a busy start to the week. Wednesday - good start to the day, stuff started to make sense. Then I get The News at about 11:00 (I hadn't been keeping up with LJ, and when I was looking at it, it turned out I wasn't logged in, so when I got the news I nipped over to LJ and logged in and felt sad, lots). Lost half the rest of the day thinking about it. Managed to get to a state where I was alright again, stopped reading LJ for the afternoon. Came home. Slept. Today - mostly productive, still not over the shock.

Maybe I can get some coherent words and thoughts tomorrow?

Must get back in to doing my NM - sorry Myon, I've been distracted for too long! I'll get back at it, erm, soon!

Tomorrow, well, it's Friday - a whole weekend to come and think about things.

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