And now...

The end is nigh! Well, it's been debootstrapped to sarge, it's been upgraded to sid, it's had the atheros driver installed, and I'm sitting typing this blog entry on it's keyboard from a shiny clean debian install! Now copying across the essentials, having already synced my mail to it...

Also installed all the laptop-foo in the world on it :) (Can't work out how to dim the screen, yet, but I'll work on that when I care about it I suspect). I suppose I should get suspend working too... hmm. Does appear to have a mostly non-broken ACPI setup though (yay!), and the screen is bright and clear.... and it's light, which is nice ;)

Oh, and it's shiny ;)

Did I mention that it's shiny? Well, it is :)

Posted: 2006-03-05 19:44 in Tech | permalink