Well, that was odd...

I had gone outside the flat to let the handbrake off for sunflowerinrain and on the way back to the flat I decided to stop for a cigarette - I mean, this is literally just across the road from where sunflowerinrain parked (just opposite the flat), I was standing there for, oh, about 30 seconds when a police car pulled up right next to me. The guy got out of the car and said "We're looking for someone matching your description, what are you doing out here? Just out for a smoke?", so obviously I replied with "Yes". He then proceeded to take all my details, and check my ID and phone in to check that I wasn't known/wanted. Apparently I'm not the scruffy person they are looking for!

I'm still boggling. Today has been weird.

Posted: 2006-03-12 17:28 in Life | permalink