It appears to me that there are several people that take their keys out of their pocket before sitting down, and that they forget their keys more often than, say, people that keep their keys in their pockets all the time. I tend to keep my keys in my pocket because I know that I'm probably likely to need them, at some point, and it's got to the stage where if they aren't in my pocket, I can tell, and I tend to feel lost without them, they're kind of a security blanket. I suppose what I'm trying to figure out is: why do people take their keys out of the safety of a pocket, and, say, place them on the desk, or the sofa, or on a side... and why in different places in the same building?

While I'm on this, why do people do the same thing with wallets? That one I really don't follow, you're going to undoubtedly need the money from it sometime, why not take it with you... why take it out of your pocket and place it on the desk?

What I have noticed, though, is since owning the laptop and using it, I've taken to removing my watch whilst typing... I think origionally this was because after a long period of use of the laptop the strap of the watch started to get irritating, so I've now taken to taking it off when ever I'm sitting in front of a machine for more than 10 minutes, but I do tend to put it back on when ever I'm leaving for more than 10 minutes, because otherwise I feel lost.

Are there any other random things people do that can't be fathomed?

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ARGH! No no no no no no no... Please god *NO*.

To: Brett Parker <>
Subject: Disney to Acquire Pixar

What? Nooo! Disney aren't allowed to do that! Disney mostly suck, PIXAR entirely rock, PIXAR under Disney control? That's going to be very broken. I'm not liking this idea at all...

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The hair and beard have vanished, this is mostly scary. Pictures at .

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Things that I don't expect when the flat doorbell rings...

  • It to be someone for me

  • There to be a 4 foot wave hit me

  • People to be looking for "Spanish Speaking People"

One of these just happened... quite why two people in suits were looking for spanish speaking people I really don't know. I think I shall boggle about this for a bit.

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Where's the Sun Gone?!

It would appear that this week has been entirely grey, I can not remember seeing the sun in the last week... I want sunshine dammit. I did see reflection of sunshine on the sea earlier this week, not entirely sure how that works when there's no sun, but that was pretty.

I think I'm going to actually start going to bed at reasonable hours and getting up early, not sure yet... will have to sleep on it :)

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And back to normality...

Fred Dibnah truly was a god.

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Things that Fuck Me Off #25768

People that don't know that they're wrong, when asking questions of a financial type of your flatmates.

That is all.

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So, this is what you get for talking on a Saturday Afternoon...

17:30 <+quinophex> the pages that really wind me up are the ones which
                   people are saying "we paid 50 grands for these, aren't
                   they great!"
17:30 <+quinophex> and they are more shit than i could do
17:30 < iDunno> hehe
17:30 <+quinophex> ...when i am forced to use a copy of frontpage 97
17:30 < iDunno> and probably aren't accessable ;)
17:30 <+quinophex> on windows 3.1
17:30 < iDunno> quinophex: shudder.
17:30 <+quinophex> with my eyes gouged out with a stick
17:31 <+quinophex> and broken fingers
17:31 < iDunno> quinophex: and an abacus instead of a networked computer?
17:31 <+quinophex> something like that :)
17:31 < iDunno> whilst simultaneously inventing the wheel and deodorant
17:31 < iDunno> and taking a shower.
17:31 <+quinophex> while plugged into the mains :D
17:32 < iDunno> and pro-creating.
17:32 <+quinophex> with a goat
17:32 <+quinophex> and a squid
17:32 < iDunno> at the same time?! crikey.
17:32 < iDunno> that sounds messy ;)
17:33 <+quinophex> with anal bleeding

Conclusion - me and quinophex agree that the web is generally populated by a bunch of broken pages, and most web developers need shooting :)

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And on an unrelated note of doom...


That is all.

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Hmm... It appears that I have a random quirk...

Maybe it's not just me, though... Does anyone else get upset with people that don't put DVDs/CDs back in there cases after use? The usual list of excuses being "I didn't know where the case was", or "Erm, yeah, I was going to do that". I don't mind them being left in players/drives, that's fine, you can generally find them, and they're not in danger of having coffee/tea spilt on them, or randomly getting lost... what really winds me up, though, is them being left on the corner of units, or put back in different boxes.

OK - so having read that, definately I'm weird :)

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Broken Flowers...

Went to see Broken Flowers with JD and Laura, was a very deliberate (read: slow) film, that leaves a lot of unanswered questions... but that in itself was really quite interesting. Very odd ending, it really does just end, leaving the running question through the film entirely unanswered, which was fantastic :)

Anyways - only a few more days then it's off to Norwich for a partay! Should be arriving in Norwich sometime Saturday afternoon (depending on when I leave Brighton, and how well I remember how to get round to Liverpool Street and get the Norwich train. I'm planning on getting in to Norwich sometime ~ 1500 or 1600, which gives me enough time to find stuff before wandering off to find the party at 1830 (ish).

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Having said that I'd spend the day fixing xmms-scrobbler, I kinda, possibly, got a tinsy bit sidetracked, instead Buffy was watched and Mario Kart was played, I've just completed the All Star Cup in Mirror Mode (YAY!) so we now have the parade car... now that we've got all the stuff, I might not have an excuse to randomly play it quite so much - feel damned accomplished though :)

In other news - JD made toad in the hole today, and he actually made a good job of it! Well done David!

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And in other news...

Congratulations to my brother, Casey, on passing his driving test yesterday (his first attempt, too, I believe... OK it took him 2 to do the theory, but hey, no-one's perfect ;).

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So, why did I leave Norwich and move to Brighton...

MJ Ray Will the last ex-UEA-er to leave Norfolk please switch out the light? asks why lots of people are now leaving Norwich... In my case, it was fairly simple, I wanted out of Paston, I hadn't really had time to look around as such, so when JD suggested that there was a job going at Runtime] and would I be interested, I kinda jumped at the chance, threw across my CV (which still badly needs editing), and got an interview. As soon as the results where in, and I knew I had the job, I handed in the magical letter of resignation to Paston and moved my arse down to Brighton. It's a much better job, with more fun things to play with. Asterisk has been rocking my socks recently, and we should now have an almost fully functional set of phones on the asterisk pbx in London (which I'm maintaining from Brighton o/).

Anyways - it's nearly the weekend, and this time I WILL finish off reading the licences and throw Myon a mail (promise!).

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The never ending saga of Mario Kart...

Been playing farrrrr too much mario kart double dash recently, I blame it all entirely on JD! Anyways - now on to trying to get the Special Cup in a 150CC Kart... it's not going according to plan, and I think I really hate "Rainbow Road". Yesterday I managed to get the Super Ghost thing by doing "Baby Park" in time trials in less than a minute fourteen seconds (YAY!).

So, tommorows task is set, the gold cup shall be won, dammit!

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To gig or not to gig...

That is the question... on the one hand, I could spend the evening in and read the graphviz and various other licences and finish my reply to myon... on the other hand I could go out and watch a colleagues band play, and have some beer...

I wonder which one is going to win...

Right - suppose I better eat and contemplate how to get to the gig grin - I think I've just gotta head across towards and past the train station a bit to get there, so hopefully I won't get hopelessly lost.

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Drinkingness for Leaving Norwichness

Woo! It's Thursday! Tonight is my last night in Norwich, Friday I'm driving down to my dads (depending on work, either early afternoon or ~ 5.30pm), Saturday (depending on Friday) I'm rushing round the country (or at least Dad's to Brighton, if not Dad's -> Norwich -> Brighton -> Dad's). So, in light of this, those that didn't already know, or weren't sure... I'm off to the Fat Cat tonight for the last time for a while (till I either come visit people up here, or something), I should be getting there sometime between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, with people turning up whenever they can or want to. Feel free to come and join me!

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I hate moving...

It's getting progressively closer to time for me to move to Brighton... That Saturday is going to be busy, getting up 7am, leaving dads in the van, getting to Norwich, packing the van, heading to Brighton, unpacking the van then back to dads to sleep.

Of course, we're also getting close to next Thursday, which is my leaving drinks in Norwich day, kicking off "sometime" Thursday evening in the Fat Cat. (I'm currently planning on getting there somewhere around about 6.30/7.00).

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Eeeeeep! Leaving Norwich...

In 2 and a half weeks, I'll be moving to Brighton... So, here comes the fun bit... Leaving Drinks type Evening of doom needs planned... it'll need to be Thursday 15th September as I'll be driving places on Friday, then more driving on Saturday, then more driving and Trains on Sunday... I could easily be convinced of going out for drinks at weekends other than that, but the Thursday is the day...

So, to that end, if anyone fancies coming for a leaving drink on Thursday 15th Sept, I'll be in the Fat Cat from ~ 1930 (that's 7.30pm for those that never understood the 24 hour clock), please feel free to join me :)

In other news... Brighton beware!

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iDunno - Robot Style...

Intelligent Digital Unit Normally for Nocturnal Observation

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