So, this is what you get for talking on a Saturday Afternoon...

17:30 <+quinophex> the pages that really wind me up are the ones which
                   people are saying "we paid 50 grands for these, aren't
                   they great!"
17:30 <+quinophex> and they are more shit than i could do
17:30 < iDunno> hehe
17:30 <+quinophex> ...when i am forced to use a copy of frontpage 97
17:30 < iDunno> and probably aren't accessable ;)
17:30 <+quinophex> on windows 3.1
17:30 < iDunno> quinophex: shudder.
17:30 <+quinophex> with my eyes gouged out with a stick
17:31 <+quinophex> and broken fingers
17:31 < iDunno> quinophex: and an abacus instead of a networked computer?
17:31 <+quinophex> something like that :)
17:31 < iDunno> whilst simultaneously inventing the wheel and deodorant
17:31 < iDunno> and taking a shower.
17:31 <+quinophex> while plugged into the mains :D
17:32 < iDunno> and pro-creating.
17:32 <+quinophex> with a goat
17:32 <+quinophex> and a squid
17:32 < iDunno> at the same time?! crikey.
17:32 < iDunno> that sounds messy ;)
17:33 <+quinophex> with anal bleeding

Conclusion - me and quinophex agree that the web is generally populated by a bunch of broken pages, and most web developers need shooting :)

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