So, why did I leave Norwich and move to Brighton...

MJ Ray Will the last ex-UEA-er to leave Norfolk please switch out the light? asks why lots of people are now leaving Norwich... In my case, it was fairly simple, I wanted out of Paston, I hadn't really had time to look around as such, so when JD suggested that there was a job going at Runtime] and would I be interested, I kinda jumped at the chance, threw across my CV (which still badly needs editing), and got an interview. As soon as the results where in, and I knew I had the job, I handed in the magical letter of resignation to Paston and moved my arse down to Brighton. It's a much better job, with more fun things to play with. Asterisk has been rocking my socks recently, and we should now have an almost fully functional set of phones on the asterisk pbx in London (which I'm maintaining from Brighton o/).

Anyways - it's nearly the weekend, and this time I WILL finish off reading the licences and throw Myon a mail (promise!).

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