It appears to me that there are several people that take their keys out of their pocket before sitting down, and that they forget their keys more often than, say, people that keep their keys in their pockets all the time. I tend to keep my keys in my pocket because I know that I'm probably likely to need them, at some point, and it's got to the stage where if they aren't in my pocket, I can tell, and I tend to feel lost without them, they're kind of a security blanket. I suppose what I'm trying to figure out is: why do people take their keys out of the safety of a pocket, and, say, place them on the desk, or the sofa, or on a side... and why in different places in the same building?

While I'm on this, why do people do the same thing with wallets? That one I really don't follow, you're going to undoubtedly need the money from it sometime, why not take it with you... why take it out of your pocket and place it on the desk?

What I have noticed, though, is since owning the laptop and using it, I've taken to removing my watch whilst typing... I think origionally this was because after a long period of use of the laptop the strap of the watch started to get irritating, so I've now taken to taking it off when ever I'm sitting in front of a machine for more than 10 minutes, but I do tend to put it back on when ever I'm leaving for more than 10 minutes, because otherwise I feel lost.

Are there any other random things people do that can't be fathomed?

Posted: 2006-01-26 21:54 in Life | permalink