Stupid Policies on Students

So, you're new to the tech industry, you've only just got your GCSEs, you're mostly, by law, at this point, able to have "teh sex" anytime you want... You've then signed up to a course that has a bunch of limitations of where you can be, and what you can do, at various (ok - all), points of the day. Isn't this exciting, you're going to learn new things. Probably.

So, here are my problems, first off, the rules state that you can't go in to the building or bedroom of anyone of the other sex. Are you fucking kidding me at this point? A shit load of my learning was based from the other sex - we weren't trying to fuck each other - we were bouncing ideas and talking to each other, as equals, not as a different sex, purely as people. Why the actual fuck would you separate people from each other as a base line? No. Really.

Then, whilst I read the rules, I had the other idea in my head, which will entirely infuriate the stupid rule makers - although it's against the rules for opposite sex couples to ever see each other, it's entirely within the rules for any gay couple to cheerfully stay in the rules and invite friends round if so wanted! So, a win for them, obviously.

Of course, at all points, these are hormonaly charged teenagers, so, your entire back line is to kick them out of your course... please, someone, tell me how this doesn't end up with a lack of mutual respect? This is fucking stupid. sigh.

Posted: 2017-07-22 01:42 in Tech | permalink