Psion 5 - What ever happened?!

So, what ever happened to Psion, and more importantly, the Psion 5. The Psion 5 was an awesome pocket sized machine, it had a full qwerty keyboard that was actually quite nice to type on, it had graphics that were way beyond it's time (640x320) in your pocket. It had a whole desktop suite of applications, including word processing and spreadsheets, and yet, psion died... The most scary bit of this is that mobile phones are getting bigger than the original Psion 5, and yet have sacrificed the keyboard for, well, who the hell knows what - the Psion 5s keyboard was awesome. Mobile phone manufacturers need to take a step back and work out how to get that keyboard on to a new gen phone that's touch only... The psion 5 also had a touch screen (yeah, ok, only single point, not multi finger action), was pocket sized, near indestructable, and hell, if one now existed that could make calls I'd seriously consider it.

Posted: 2015-09-22 00:11 in Life | permalink