And on a different but similar tack...

Of the (entire!) 35 comments on my blog that I've approved, 5 of those are actually from ipv6 addresses! Well done you ipv6 early uptakers! You all deserve a pint. (If you ever happen to turn up in the same pub as me, you should probably remind me I said that :) )

Posted: 2013-10-14 21:16 in Tech | permalink | Comments: 5

Elessar - 2013-10-14 23:06

Is the pub still open? I would love a pint too, of cider if you have it! :-)

Derek - 2013-10-15 00:27

I would just like to get my name added to the Pint registry. Can never have enough people who owe you pints, right? And if this happens not to post from my IPv6 address, would you please tell me, so I can get back onto the wave of the future (of 1.5 decades ago)?

Pete Stevens - 2013-10-15 09:41

Pint please!

mirabilos - 2013-10-15 16:07

Hmm, I’ve been using IPv6 for more than one decade, that must count, right?

Neil McGovern - 2013-10-15 21:21

FSVO "early" :) See: