Moving, Changing Jobs and the Bank Holiday Weekend...

So, in the last couple of weeks I've (mostly) moved out of Brighton, got a new job, and generally the world has gone crazy.

The bank holiday weekend was spent at Debian UK BBQ, and was fantastic fun, including the reading corner on Sunday where we played through various arcs of To Be or Not To Be (small spoiler: PIRATES!).

Since then I've been mostly back and forth from Brighton moving stuff, buying a car, and starting a new job... As mentioned in my new employers blog there was a small stumbling block with my new work laptop that stopped me from getting a sensible operating system on it from the get-go, but it's now running a shiny Debian Wheezy install and alllllllllll is well with the world... well, mostly. I have just removed gnome-keyring because I hate that I can't see a way of relocking it, or infact relocking any of the individual keys that it had.

So, back to ssh-agent I went, and the world is good again. But that means that I haven't got a gpg agent running at the moment, though, unless I'm missing something, I can't see a way of forcing gpg-agent to forget a passphrase either (ARGH, why on earth wouldn't you have an option for that?!).

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