Things that annoy me #31294

I use to read rss feeds, it has a nifty feature whereby if a post is changed, it just gets tacked on to a thread for that post. There are 2 things that really annoy me with rss feeds, though - 1 is the people that don't include the full post in the rss feed, and the other is people that include a comment count in the rss feed.

I don't care how many comments are on the post, dammit. I'd deliberately go follow the post if I did, but having that comment count means that I get another one in the thread for NO REASON, the content of the post hasn't changed, dammit. This means that until that post drops out of the feed, every 30 minutes if the comment count has changed (and so the "content" of the feed changes) I get that post yet again and marked as new in my mailbox. Why does anyone put the comment count in the feed, does anyone really care?! If you want to link to comments from the feed, that's fine, just drop the count from it, and the content of the post wouldn't change, and I'd be happy.

Erm, comments are currently turned off here, until I manage to get round to turning on all the little spam prevention fun... just thought I'd have a whinge, really!

Posted: 2011-07-22 14:20 in Random, and Tech | permalink