New bpgallery available, and xmms-scrobbler work...

I've taken over upstream development of xmms-scrobbler, it's now hosted at and has a public readonly git repository for the code. Since taking over development I've dropped a lot of the tag parsing code and replaced it with taglib, found some "interesting" locking issues and am now looking at making it so that we don't need to restart it when adding username/password. It'd also be good to get it to actually report a username/password breakage at least once rather than being totally silent about it!

In other news, I've just released a new version of bpgallery, this version adds in medium sized pages - i.e. you can have the index page, the index page links to pages that have a resized image on the page, and has next/previous links. If you also generate full sized pages then the link from the image on the medium sized page goes to the full sized page, otherwise it'll go straight to the origional image.

Also thinking about making a "client" for xmms so that I can keep all my music playing in the one place (lastfmproxy appears to have stopped working for me :/)

Posted: 2007-05-13 12:00 in Tech | permalink