Oh Noes! This means lots of work!

Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 has been released - congratulations to all those involved in the release process, you've all done a fantastic job (as always ;). Now I've just got to test the upgrade for the NFS root desktop machines at work (that's going to be sooo much fun!) and make sure that nothing obvious breaks - I'm not expecting many problems, it should go quite smoothly (probably!).

Might also use the "official" non-free packages for the sun j2sdk rather than using java-package, haven't decided yet (and actually, as we also use sun-j2sdk1.4, I'm going to have to use java-package for that anyways!).

Hmmm, I suppose I should update all of my various build chroots and set up all the scripts that I'm going to need also - feh - that can wait for a bit.

Ahh - and I'm going to need to compile an etch version of ion3 from unstable, can't be having my workstation running one of those dodgy window managers that makes it almost impossible to get anything done without using the mouse, afterall!

Right - anyways - I think I shall just go faint, that was far too quick between sarge and etch!

Posted: 2007-04-08 14:40 in Tech | permalink