Mac vs PC...

Now, this isn't actually a post about Mac vs PC, it's a post about the general use of the term "Mac vs PC", why is it that the term "PC" is equivelent to "x86 based windows running computer"? The Mac itself is a PC, dammit, and actually, now that it is just another x86 based product and can run windows... ho hum. Anyways - yes, just mostly pissed off by the fact that "Mac" -> Mac OS, and "PC" -> Windows... now, of the two "PC"s that I use most frequently (err, personal ones, not my workstation, though that also...) there is no freaking Windows on 'em, they're Debian GNU/Linux boxes through and through.

So, can the not-entirely-thick people that should know better stop using the term "Mac vs PC" and instead use "Mac OS X vs Windows [version]" or similar if they're just picking on OS.

Anyways, yes, err, I just read some other blog entry that set this off, I'll, err, grab my coat.

Posted: 2007-02-17 10:45 in Tech | permalink