Command line lucene index inspection!

Woo! I've been looking for a lucene index inspection tool for the command line for about 6 months or so, ever since first trying to use luke over a forwarded X11 over ssh connection to a machine in the colo with a large(ish) (300,000 document) index... a couple of months ago I stumbled upon PyLucene - a python library that can play with lucene indexes, of course the first thing I did with it was package it (can't have random unpackaged software laying around the system after all, can you!), and then played for a bit, and joined the pylucene-dev mailing list. So, imagine my glee today when on that mailing list there's a post about plush - a Python LUcene SHell - fantasticness! Quickly threw that in to a package and tested it out against a lucene index laying around on my workstation, it worked nicely (couple of small bugs, but they've now been fixed in the trunk version), so, now that I had it packaged, straight off I went to the main indexing server and threw it at a large lucene index, it just worked. Fantastic.

I'll add some links to my repository for pylucene and plush later, when I'm feeling slightly better, feel a little under the weather at the moment.

Posted: 2007-02-01 22:29 in Tech | permalink