So, what have I learned today?

  1. I'm not attractive (OK - so less learned, more reaffirmed)

  2. Not all hills lead back to the flat

  3. See 2. (OK - so I left $club which I can't remember thinking "tired, home time", wished people good byes, and looked for a hill, usually any going up are back to the flat... wandered up the hill, carried on wandering, discovered pizza shop that I normally order from, said "Oh bollocks" and started heading in the right direction, down the hill, across the road, back up the other hill. Sucks to be on the wrong side of London Road.)

  4. Sleep is good. That's what I'm just about to do.So, what have I learned today?

EDIT: OK - writing an entry in vim at nearly 3am when you've been to a club results in the unfortunate side effect of somehow managing to put several copies of the post in the entry - BAH!

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