In other news...

It's been an odd week at work, and I've started doing rather more Sudoku puzzles than most sane people - I've found that currently the guardian Sudoku puzzle takes me the longest to get through, though I'm slowly getting better at it... I might actually start being able to see the patterns more quickly soon!

Anyways - in other news JD resigned on Tuesday, so we've only got him at work for another few weeks before he disappears in to the ether (well, not so much in to the ether, but I won't be working with him anymore, eeeeep - this means more work for me!), which also prompted a pay rise (hooray!). Now just to keep up with the good work!

Oh, and on Monday we won the Hop Poles pub quiz! Yay! Where in this case "we" is me, a guy that I'd met in the pub a couple of Mondays before and some of his friends. Was much fun! Tomorrow being Monday again I'll be back in the pub for the quiz and see who turns up this time :)

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