Hmmm... anyone know of a generic python wiki parser?

I'm looking for a wiki -> html style, generic, parser... It's not that difficult to write one, but I wondered if you fine people out there might already know of one before I set about writing one... I could, in theory at least, use the parser from moinmoin, but that does seem very very tied in to moinmoin. It'd be nice to just use something like...

wikiparser = WikiParser(type="somewikistyle")
html = wikiparser.parse("somewikidocumentasastring").getHTML()

And have the WikiParser first generate an internal structure based on the markup (possibly, in effect, creating a dom tree), which is then returned at the .parse stage, then having different calls on that tree to, say, generate simple HTML, or LaTeX, or PDF etc.

Hope that makes sense to people that aren't me....

Posted: 2005-10-30 12:39 in Tech | permalink