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It wasn't that long ago that window shading was a cutting edge new feature, so it might have made sense to implement it in an app back then, but it's in any self-respecting window manager now (except, arguably, ion ;-), so it's time to let go and let the window manager take care of it. I think the same will happen with tabs. says in

Ion3 does have window shading! Fire up a WFloatWS workspace and watch it in action!

Anyways - to respond to alllll the comments on web browsers that'd been hitting planet recently, here's my current position: all web browsers suck, some suck marginally less than others. Basically, I use firefox on the basis that it, currently, is sucking the least for me, is reasonably fast and reasonably light weight, and does come somewhere near implementing the standards. I have used kazahakase, infact, I did almost decide to use it as my default web browser, but then something put me off, maybe there was some odd key combo that I didn't like, or maybe it was something to do with the tabs... I just remember that there was something that I just didn't get on with. I get fairly bored with most apps fairly quickly, basically, if it can't be done on the command line, or automated in some way, what's the point? Unfortunately, that kinda doesn't work so well for web browsing, although, w3m still gets a fair amount of use on my machine, mainly because sometimes I just want the content, I don't need the stupid roll overs, the inane graphics, some web designers idea of what's a 'good ui'... often I just want a simple navigatable site, with clear and easy to follow sections, and easily accessable text, not this damn flash stuff, not this horrible java applet foo, pure, plain, simple, markup. Headings, subheadings, paragraphs, all marked up as they should be... I want the web to come back to being a place for information, dammit. Maybe I'm just a purist though.

Anyways - just my 2p worth.

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