Well, the move went well... sortof...

Last night we moved Paston's servers from Telehouse to Global switch, so we're now hosting in Mistrals space in Global Switch... Now, Global Switch is a reasonably pretty looking building (compared with Telehouse, at least), and the machine move went quite well, with ~ 30 -> 45 mins downtime, ish. Things that went wrong: given a network cable, plugged in to switch, got nothing, monkey in Global Switch couldn't work out what was wrong, left him to it for ~ 5 to 10 mins before I had a sudden thought of "hmm, I wonder, I wonder if that's a straight or crossover cable", plugged it in to the uplink port, pushed the magic button... Hey presto, we have connection... Confront monkey, Monkey says "Well, they don't tell me these things". NYARGH.

So, anyways, got the 2 machines on to the net, tested everything was running, tested that it worked from remote machines, you know, all the usual crap... Leave Global Switch at 12.45am ish, get back to Norwich for 3am ish, get to bed for ~ 3.20am ish... Get a phone call at 10am saying "erm, it's not working for this bunch of people", the bunch of people in question being our ADSL customers, who were all recently migrated to Mistral's network... the problem? 2 of Mistral's ADSL routers couldn't find our machines... Mistral's suggested solutions to the problem: (1) wait 7 days and we'll fix it or (2) we'll connect you to a different switch port. So, fair enough, not too bad, now apparently connected to a different switch port... but to add insult to it, apparently the servers where "put in the rack the wrong way round for the airflow", we put it in the same way round as the other server in that rack, and the way we were told to put it in by the afore mentioned monkey... so this morning our kit was turned off for 10 mins while they turned it round in the rack, it's all come back cleanly (thank god), but ffs, why do they hire entirely useless fucking staff that apparently get this wrong quite often?

Anyways - end of rant... pub tonight as listed in the other post :)

Posted: 2005-09-15 12:45 in Work | permalink