Update to the statusd_maildir.lua script

I've added in some support for setting important and critical levels on a per maildir level in my statusd_maildir.lua script. Means that if you have some less important or more important maildirs you can make them go pretty colours quicker.

Seems to be working reliably for me... now if I could work out how to make the statusbar bigger (like, 2 lines high rather than one, and with the mailboxes all on the bottom line and the top line for date, time, load, cpufreq, etc etc) it'd be very handy... anyone got any hints? I glanced at the statusbar code but I haven't yet figured it out, and it doesn't appear to automatically wrap if it over fills, which is a PITA.

Posted: 2005-08-14 21:06 in Tech | permalink