Ion3 statusd_maildir.lua

I've switched to using Ion3 as my window manager, it's a nice idea, and I'm getting kinda used to using it, doesn't half change perspective on using graphical applications though. Ion3 has a rather nice single line statusbar by default that will show the time, load and mailcount for your MAIL environment, assuming that you're using mbox mailboxes... Now, I don't use mbox for mail anymore, I offlineimap my mail in to ~/Maildir/INBOX ~/Maildir/project-list etc etc, so, first task... lets see if there's a Maildir mail monitor... looking around provided no useful results, so, I wrote one. First attempt at diving in to lua (though, this code has now been looked over by rjek so, it should at least work for more people than just me), the code is available from my ion3 script repository, it's the only script there at the moment, but I'm sure that other things will bother me sometime and I'll write some more.

All comments gratefully received :)

Posted: 2005-08-08 20:00 in Tech | permalink