Back Bug Free!

You may remember that about a month ago, I posted about some thunderbugs getting in to my laptop screen, I phoned Acer and got assigned a number and told to phone City Link to arrange collection... I finally got round to phoning City Link on Monday, the laptop was collected on Tuesday, and I'm now typing this on it... with a bug free screen!

Other than the first time I sent the laptop back, the rate at which they have fixed it and returned it has been very prompt. The difference between the first time and the other times? Simple, I had paid for an Acer Advantage warranty when I bought the laptop, I failed to state this the first time I returned it, and thusly I waited a month to get the laptop back...

So, if you want a speedy service, and no courier charges... with a quick turn around... Buy Acer and the Acer Advantage warrenty.

Anyways - on to the chips that I bought on the way home!

Posted: 2005-08-05 19:33 in Life | permalink