Random Mumblings...

First, a big congratulations to all that were involved in the debian release process, you've done a fantastic job. It's a shame that the CD images weren't perfect first time round, but it's fantastic that it was picked up so quickly and publicised to avoid people going manic on creating CDs. Thank you all for your fine work, and remind me if I meet you guys to buy you a beer or two :)

Now on to other stuff... I know that xmms-scrobbler didn't make it in to Sarge, I haven't yet had time to fix the important bugs that are filed against it, if you're one of the bug submitters, and I haven't responded to you yet, I'm very sorry, it's been a manic couple of months at work, and it's not going to slow down for the next month or so. I need to go through a fair chunk of the code, especially the tag reading code, to stop it from segfaulting, and I think I've spotted where the issue is with the submissions of queued tracks, I'm not impressed, currently, by the queueing code, an assumption that I'd made on how it works appears to be untrue, so I'll try to look at that in the next couple of weeks if I get some breathing space and don't waste it in relaxing.

And the other thing... I'm starting to think about working on another onak backend, basically a caching backend so that you query a local server and if it doesn't know about a key, or hasn't got that key recently (in a configurable amount of time), it'll go and grab it again. I've also noticed that sometimes the keyservers out there aren't quite in sync with each other, so the other idea for the backend is to get the results from more than one upstream keyserver, merge them in the server, and if the key we end up with is different to the key got from a particular server, we send back up the key we've now got. Can anyone see anything wrong with this approach? If not, I'll start coding that some time this month (hopefully).

I think that's all for now, I'm currently fuelled by a bottle of cheap merlot, so this post may make no sense, but I'm fairly relaxed ;)



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