interestingly, the simpler fs backend for onak appears to take a significantly longer amount of time to process a large import of keys that the db4 backend, tommorow I'll throw them each a slightly smaller set of keys (like 100, instead of 100,000), and get timings out of each of the backends for adding keys.

Still, I'm quite happy with the backends just working, and it being incredibly easy to change the backend I'm using (OK, so I don't do any data migration between the backends, but that would be reasonably difficult to do anyways, some of the backends don't implement iterate_keys, which is a shame).

I'm thinking about adding a mysql backend to complement the pg backend, patching up the fs backend to support iterate keys, and possibly implementing a caching backend that in turn loads one of the other backends as a keystore. I'm really quite enjoying working on this piece of software, it's certainly a lot less mundane than the day job :)

Posted: 2005-04-11 23:14 in Tech | permalink