BT's New BroadBand Advert...

OK, I've got the telly on in the background at the moment, working on some evil php and then BT's new broadband advert came on... "Share your photos almost instantly with BT's 2M broadband", it said. Now given that all BTs offerings appear to have a consistent 256k upstream, and to share photos you're going to be using upstream bandwidth, not downstream, how the hell is it going to be quicker to share photos with BT's 2M offering than it is for me to share them from my shiny Black Cat Networks 512k connection? Having bounced around the BT site lots to check that I wasn't going mad, I eventually found the bit that says that upstream is 256k, on the other hand I also saw all the evilness that is the bandwidth caps. And thus ends my short rant of rantyness about BT. For now. Probably.

Posted: 2005-02-18 09:15 in Life | permalink