Ho hum

Well, been working at home for the last couple of days, currently sitting at my dad's, but will have to be back in Norwich sometime later tonight ready for the company meeting tommorow. Now have my own ikkle desk at my dad's that sits in the corner, with my back to the telly. Much goodness.

It's getting close to pay day again, under 2 weeks to go now... If I can manage to not spend much more this month, I should eventually actually have some spare cash next month... wooo! Though, that should really go on the credit card bill (booo!).

The laptop is still working (yay!) and still has a damned nice keyboard (IMO), now, if only I could get it to go to sleep in linux nicely... If I throw it in to S3 mode, the kernel dies on me (as I wasn't expecting). Oh, and I suppose I should also take a look at getting some battery status out of this beasty, there are apparently people that have managed it, I should look at the kernel patches sometime when I've got time.

The work project is ticking along, but needs lots more done to it by Friday afternoon (scary stuff), and to be completed by Monday. It's been a nightmare of a project, but at least it looks reasonably pretty at the moment.

Anything else? Hrm, dunno, probably.

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