Will the madness never end...

OK - so we've got a very simple backup set for windows boxes on our work network, an rsync of the smb shares happens daily, 3 shares for each machine. Now, our sales guy's machine has just dropped its disk, this in itself is not a big problem, as everything should have been backed up ~ 11am this morning (which it was).... UNFORTUNATELY since I set up the shares, someone decided to change his e-mail client (yes, OK, I know, he should be using imap and we wouldn't have this problem, that's the next issue), and so he's just lost ~ 3 months worth of e-mail, the most important of which being his sent-mail.


On the plus side, this might finally get more people using IMAP to our server, and so this situation not recurring :)

I suppose the next problem will be finding him a machine to use in the mean time.

Neeed beer!

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