Why do these things happen on a Friday last thing?

Well, at 4pm our shiny new Win2k3 webserver fell over, it appears that it's killed a disk, and that the motherboard is knackered. Won't even get to the BIOS anymore :(

Left work ~ 6pm after me and Dave had got the new system installing, hoping that we can install the secure cert on the server that is needed but we have no key for it (unless we can rescue one from the other disk, which is unlikely).

Ah well, nearly time for the pub now, might nip in to work tommorow to kick it some more, depending on if the MD calls or not :)

Temporarily assigned the IPs to a linux box which serves a page saying "it's broken, should be back monday", so at least there's something there.

Posted: 2004-10-22 18:46 in Work | permalink