2006-01-21 - Me Before During and After

One of the haircuts of doom.


2005 - Dave's Birthday Drinks

A good night of drink, more drink, and some drink :)


2005-05-28 - Mak's ALUG BBQ

Food, Beer and BBQ!


2005-02-12 - Callum and Thomas

Pictures of my nephews, Callum and Thomas.


2005-01-22 - Debian UK meetup in Cambridge

Some random pictures from the January pub meeting.


2004 - (ish) Random Pictures of ALUG members

Photos of some ALUG members. Should really add to this gallery to get a more full set.


2004 - (ish) fishnchiptrip

This was the trip we took to Robin Hoods Bay purely to get fish and chips, it was a long drive, but the fish and chips where good! Becca, Dave and Elisabeth joined me on this venture to Yorkshire. I entirely failed to take any pictures of Robin Hoods Bay, so these are all from Whitby.


2004-07-06 - Casey's Birthday Race

A set of photos of Casey's Jag before he raced it, during the race, and the after effects of the race (which happened to coincide with his 18th birthday!)


002 - me

Just some random pictures of me.


001 - website images

Just a random gallery for holding images used on the website


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